Low energy consumption

  • Friction reduction.
  • Optimization of fluid dynamics in cylinder / valve   coupling.
  • Simplification of pipe routing.

Extreme Reliability

  • Low RPM.
  • Heavy duty design.
  • Improved cooling efficiency

Reduced vibrations

  • Lowering of compressor's center of gravity.
  • Optimized vibration damping between ground and    unit.
  • Dynamically balanced crankshaft.

Why Choose Us

  • Two compression lines.
  • Optimized ergonomic practicality in maintenance and operation.
  • Reduced weight, size and volume.
  • Spray-painted without solvents.
  • Reduced environmental impact.
  • Reduced specific energy consumption.
We use stainless steel piping to prevent oxide formation and the possible entrainment of rust particles towards valves, filters and the blow-molders. The compressed air never comes into contact with carbon steel.
We produce air compressed to 42 bars, completely devoid of oil and complying with International air quality regulations.
  • Free Air Delivery, according to ISO 1217.
  • Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015.
  • Environmental Performance ISO 14001.
  • ARAI performance testing and validation.

Advantage AJ

  • Energy efficiency with IE 3 Motor
  • Stainless Steel Water Pump
  • Halogen free, biodegradable Belt
  • Gasket-less machine
  • Water cooled equipment
  • Oscillation Ring
  • Stainless steel, rust proof machinery
  • Remote login option
  • 2 Years Warranty

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